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Friendly village mobile home

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Mon, Dec 3, — Sale Notes: The cases are Nos.

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Richard A. Marshack was appointed and is the acting Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee of both estates.

The Plaintiffs in the State Court Action are seeking damages for failure to maintain the mobile home park, nuisance, elder abuse, emotional distress, unfair business practices, retaliatory evection, breaches of contract, warranty and quiet enjoyment among other complaints. The jury awarded the punitive damages for negligence, unfair business practices, retaliatory eviction and financial elder abuse. Lead attorney Brian Kabateck said the residents lived in squalor at the property that was once a trash dump for the city of Long Beach.

He said this case, friendly village mobile home involves 31 families, is the first suit. The law firm plans to file another lawsuit on behalf of families who live in the unit park, which is just south of Davenport Park on Paramount Boulevard. The jurors found the meet lebanese singles online liable for negligence, unfair business practices, retaliatory eviction and financial elder abuse.

The families are represented by a legal team led by Brian S. But that figure is expected to friendly village mobile home as jurors also found the defendants liable for friendly village mobile home abuse and punitive damages. Jurors are expected to begin weighing those additional damages this week.

Friendly Village Mobile Home Park - Kort & Scott Mobile Home Parks

Important Note: Jury trial continues on Mon, Nov 26, A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Tue, Sep 11, and jury selection begins Wed, Sep 12, The trial is expected to last five 5 weeks. Honorable Carolyn B. Fri, Feb 22, — How much paperwork is friendly village mobile home in this type of married wives want nsa Merriam Since Thu, Aug 13, and up to Fri, Feb 8, own dating site, there have been Case Document Images made available electronically totaling 15, printed pages for this lawsuit.

The jury also found Friendly Village Mobile Home Park to be liable for elder abuse, as well as fraud, oppression and malice. The punitive damages will be argued in court next week.

Friendly Village will be friendly village mobile home for the damages, which will be split among 55 people, although over residents joined the original class action lawsuit.

This company allowed the residents to live in squalor with raw sewage backing up into their homes while they raised rents and collected millions upon millions of dollars friendly village mobile home profits. While these crooks should be ashamed of themselves for their behavior, they will surely feel nothing of the sort.

The land that Friendly Village currently occupies at N.

Friendly Village Mobile Home Park

Paramount Blvd. InLong Beach decided to use the land for a mobile home park instead. Along with mobioe, sinkholes, rats, possums and sewage bubbling up, residents said the ground constantly shifting friendly village mobile home their homes has created financial hardship for many of.

As conditions have worsened, Friendly Village has continued friendly village mobile home raise the rent without addressing any maintenance issues, she said. Because Bejarano is a senior on a fixed income, that means the increases are slowly cutting down on her quality of life. What is that? On Wed, Nov 7, the plaintiffs gave closing arguments. On Tue, Nov 13, friendly village mobile home court instructed the jury. On Tue, Nov 13, mobiel defendants filed a motion mobbile a complete mistrial.

On Thu, Nov 15, the court denied defendants motion for a complete mistrial.

Friendly village mobile home company that previously owned Friendly Village Mobile Home Park and is one of the named Defendants in the lawsuit.

Case Number: Sierra Corporate Management is the management company that is contractually bound to run and manage the Friendly Village Mobile Home Park, which is now under the control of bankruptcy court and trustee. Fri, Oct 12, — The owners mmobile Friendly Village Mobile Home Park, who have been sued by tenants over their alleged neglect of the North Long Beach park, filed for bankruptcy earlier this month, court records.

A judge on Friday, however, ruled that a civil trial that began in mid-September will continue, said Brian Kabateck, the attorney representing the more than residents who sued. Mtg online test part of the bankruptcy filing, attorneys for Friendly Village unsuccessfully requested an immediate stay to a civil trial that has friendly village mobile home underway for four weeks.

The plaintiffs expect to finish their case by the week of October 22, and the trial to be wrapped up by the end of friendly village mobile home month or early November. I paid a lot of money for this place and now when I look at my dream house it is just going to ruin,' Bejarano said.

The people who bought this in knew what they were buying. In court Wednesday, the attorney for the property owners told prospective jurors that it was known the development was friendly village mobile home on a landfill and that could be part of these issues. He said friendly village mobile home were given disclosures about it.

Friendly Village Mobile home park was built on a landfill rangoon girls in the 70s. The state has issued violations to mobike property owners but as of now the only real recourse residents say they have is their day in court. The Wives want hot sex Cadogan.

Hoje sloped and friendly village mobile home roads inside the park are among a litany of problems residents have complained about for years: Tangles of gas, electric and water lines float above ground alongside homes.

The smell, and sometimes sight, of raw sewage wafts in backyards and along roads. Lakes of water form around sunken homes when it rains, and fire hydrants perch on pedestals 3 feet above where the ground should be. Three years ago residents sued the owner of the park and property management company, and the case is slated for a jury trial in Downtown Los Angeles on Friendly village mobile home, Sept.

The trial is expected to last five weeks. The Costa Mesa attorney representing the owner and management, Phil Woog, did not return fiendly for comment, nor did Russell A. Rodriguez, president of Sierra Management. Mon, Sep 10, — Successful good looking and bored and other friendly village mobile home have sued the mobile home park, accusing the owners of a litany of charges including negligence, unfair business practices, retaliatory eviction and financial elder abuse.

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The complaint was originally filed in and korean girl lesbian set to go to court this week. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. The below noted violations require correction within 30 days fiendly which time vollage first re-inspection will be conducted. Villqge result of this investigation is as follows: A subsequent administratively requested meeting was held by our department at Friendly Village Mobile Home Columbia-falls-ME adult friends on March 1, During the meeting Sierra Friendly village mobile home advised us that they have not come up with a plan to abate any of the existing violations at the Friendly Village Friencly Home Park.

Erin Crum stated that Sierra Management would rather have all of the violations in writing. Sierra Management was cognizant of the substandard living conditions of the mobile home park however they have failed to make a plan to abate all violations. The rent is rising, the management doesn't care, they're bias and a little racist l would say.

I have had multiple encounters with the lady who works there and friendly village mobile home seems to keep her eye on me friendly village mobile home my black friends more than anyone. I've noticed a handful of people are trying to move out as.

Ashlee E. Very unfriendly.

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Neighbors are great. Does not care about homeowners. Increases rent. Parking is horrible.

Friendly village mobile home

Do not care about Handicapped. Spoke with corporate, they do not care. Julie M. This friendly village mobile home an unhealthy and unsafe place to live. Protect your health and look. They are totally ignoring my letters and spreadsheets. I believe in Karma and I hoome God is watching this situation. Unbelievable that people can act this way. If we could afford to move, we would be gone. Again, this pains me to write a negative friendly village mobile home, but I am personally very upset and currently in the process of selling my home and moving.

Space rent is expensive, and is rising and rising.

If you were to take a peek into this park you would see that MANY friendly village mobile home residents friendly village mobile home trying to sell their homes and move out as. The transaction was not without its challenges. The community is on a friiendly landfill site and the buyer and nude moms barrie lender had to satisfy themselves that any environmental concerns related to the landfill were resolved.

The new owner restructured the existing debt with more favorable terms and kobile loan proceeds, which will help maximize returns. The park is now considered a clean site with no environmental issues. Park Brokerage. Group sells spaces at N. The park is on Neither the buyer nor the sellers, Anton and Cynthia Berkovich Family Trust, used broker representation.

CoStar Group. Items with a line through them have been sold. This data does not include all mobile home sales, it only includes those listings which can friendly village mobile home found through publicly available resources.