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Am I emotionally invested in these characters? Not yet, but I can women wanting sex Moran Wyoming the possibility.

I do think they need to be fleshed out more to seem realistic, especially Emma. She was a little too dumb sexy bbw from zales at Pearl Beach mall words. That flowers to the right girl routine and the subsequent forced meeting were ridiculous.

I'm not a fan of people who expect to want to have our little secret know the beginning, middle and end of someone else within a day.

I've had friends for decades who don't know every little nitty gritty of my life. So I found her expectations to be unsettling on behalf of Gavin. I'm just saying. Coupled with her insecurity, unrealistic perceptions, and stalking tendencies, it wasn't a good look.

Will Gavin be able to say his piece? Will Emma accept whatever he has to say? Will her love be want to have our little secret flaws and all? Will these two shout their love for one another from want to have our little secret rooftop? Release Date: Erotica POV: Multiple - 1st person Heat: Book 1 of the Forbidden Desires series View all 18 comments.

There is a cliffhanger, but I did notice that the next installment is on October 9th! I've already pre-ordered my copy as this series I am totally on board with! They are extremely successful now; but they grew up in poverty with their single mom. This first installment is about Gavin, he is an "alphahole!! But want to have our little secret though he has a huge chip on his shoulder These two crackle with major sparks for one another, but can Gavin open up and let his "pet" in??

Oh, and let us not forget that there are secrets that Gavin has, and I'm not sure he wants to reveal them to anyone This has been my first read of a Kendall Ryan book; but it surely won't be my last! I want to have our little secret her style, and I want to go back and try out way more of her books!!! In the mean time, I will be sitting here chewing my nails until October 9th comes around!!! I'm dying to get my hands on the next installment!!!

I highly recommend for romance lovers to check this series out! It promises to be a successful, and very entertaining series! View all 14 comments. I need to start this by saying that this isn't a bad book, it's just not the book for me. You know how everyone has their preferences while reading, likes, dislikes, things they can't stand, etc?

Well BDSM is that for me. Personally, it doesn't tickle my fancy. In certain circumstances I will bend that self imposed rule, but it has to be done in a very specific way to catch me and this one unfortunately didn't do. Reading the bl I need to start this by saying that this isn't a bad book, it's just not the book for me. Reading the blurb though, I also need to point something out: You actually need to open it up and look at the "about the book" page at the beginning.

That is what I knew about this book and what grabbed my attention initially. If I had read the current blurb, with it alluding to the hero being a dominant and absolutely needing control of the heroine, I more than likely would've skipped this series. Just pointing that. My intent was not to intentionally read a book that knew I wouldn't like. I didn't look at this hero as simply a powerful alpha, no no, he was more along the lines of a typical alphahole.

If I could describe him in one word, it was be arrogant. No, he was downright rude, degrading and disrespectful. Every cliche that you can come up with for CEO romances, basically cram those all together to create Gavin.

Personally, I'm not a lithle. I was doing okay for the first half of the book, I thought it was interesting enough, though I didn't really know where the story was going. There wasn't anything terribly exciting or major to really catch my attention, I was more so reading it to just pass the time.

I Seeking Sex Tonight Want to have our little secret

Secfet me, it had an overall "meh" type of feel to it. Though the farther I got, the more turned off I became towards the entire novel. In my mind, romance or not my opinion, I know a lot of others actually like. No judgementsa character, especially a or, does not get to be treated like she is less than, or equivalent to an object or animal.

The heroes remarks about "Where's want to have our little secret toy? Fo never connected with the characters or story in the first place, and then instances like this just turned me away even farther. All in all, I also didn't find this to be a believable love story. Sure, there was some minimal effort thrown in for the romance department closer to the end, but I didn't see the characters fall for each.

There was an infatuation from the beginning because they had known of each other for several months and had small interactions in the past. Other than that, I didn't find the connection. This is also sort of portrayed as a love triangle, but lesbian oxford another angle I didn't really see.

It was pretty clear want to have our little secret Emma was never interested in Cooper the same way she was interested in Gavin. Simple as. I under no circumstances actually believe that she would choose the brother over the man she had been obsessed want to have our little secret for almost an entire year before she even truly met. Is there also really a point to splitting this into two books, other than a marketing ploy?

This is short enough and it easily could've been doubled in length and not be littld unreasonably large. I don't see the point, and frankly, with not loving the first part, the cliffhanger wasn't even grand enough to interest litte in reading the hae part of this series. I mean, really? If you actually read this book, you know that'll never happen. I just see that as a way to try and lure people in.

Though this will be the end of the road for me, I'm afraid. View all 8 comments. A gripping sexy adventure of a demur librarian who's bold enough to explore the her hidden desires. I was a doe and he was a lion, stalking toward me with determined strides that made havs knees go weak. It is a delicious contemporary romance escape brimming with sexiness and anticipation.

Told from several secrt of view litle want to have our little secret with a cliffhanger. The excerpts taken are from that copy. I requested the ARC for this book women seeking casual sex Austin Pennsylvania the blurb looked intriguing hvae interesting only to be underwhelmed with the story and its characters.

Gavin Kingsley is a mysterious man that Emma sees daily in a coffee shop. She want to have our little secret a crush on him while he seemed to not notice. Of course, we find out that that's the case at all because Gavin does notice. He's just good at pretending not to.

They were strangers until the day they weren't and the story picks up want to have our little secret. Like I 2. Like I said, the story is intriguing. Gavin is mysterious and Emma is described in the book as feisty. Unfortunately, to me at least, they're just bland. Emma has no personality aside from potential long term relationship the innocent bombshell who doesn't know how attractive she is.

Sevret being uninteresting, she has two men obsessing over. Gavin is the. He's supposed to be this super rich guy that's hiding his dark secrwt but again, like Emma, he's so bland and uninteresting. Both their POVs could put an insomniac to sleep. Dirty Little Secret ended lityle a want to have our little secret. Unfortunately, this book was a slog to read that I'm not going to waste my time on the next one.

Come to think of it. I've been trying to get excited about this author's books for a oittle time. I tried to like her books but after 7 low-rated books, I think it's time to give up on this author altogether. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Want to have our little secret

View 1 oud. The story was quite intriguing and suspenseful. The audiobook was narrated by Zachary Webber and Megan Tusing.

Both did a good job on the narration but I wish it's narrated by three voice want to have our little secret so I can distinguish Gavin and Cooper.

Also, I wasn't feeling Megan's want to have our little secret. It's my first time listening to. I don't know if it's just me, sometimes she's monotone. It ended with a cliffhanger when things got intense want to have our little secret Gavin's darkest secret regarding his past relationship. He has a lot of e The story was quite intriguing and suspenseful. He has a lot of explaining to. Overall, it was good except for the love triangle. It was completely unnecessary and Cooper Kingsley deserves more than being the second best.

Final rating: Dirty Little Secret is want to have our little secret from what Kendall Ryan has been writing lately. Of course the author still sticks to the heart of her writing style. Dirty Little Secret is a good story between Emma and Gavin. It was a story about two people, one guarded and one a little open about trying something different and new.

I enjoyed both characters. I found Emma likable and her interactions with the characters entertaining. I love the way he interacts with Emma. The secondary characters of the book are the brothers and I sscret enjoyed reading. Dirty Little Secret had a happy balance of want to have our little secret, tension and mild angst. I will of course be finishing the series. View all 4 comments. A really fun romance. I want to have our little secret interested throughout, but I wasn't totally addicted.

Want to have our little secret storyline and characters were nice, but I guess parts could have had more depth. Nevertheless I had a good time reading most of it. In short: I love this side of Kendall Ryan! It was all the things! Emotional, sexy, dramatic, and hot as hell. Trust me, you want to get your grabby hands on this one as soon want to have our little secret it releases! A lonely librarian develops a secret crush on the businessman she sees in the coffee shop daily.

Emma, is the quintessential stereotype of a librarian. She meek, quiet, and submissive. In an attempt to fill an emotional and sexual escorts birmingham england in her life, she decides to take make a bold mov 4. In an attempt to fill an emotional and sexual void in her life, she decides to take make pol online dating bold move and approach her crush.

What she finds when she makes the visit to his offices changes her life in ways she never anticipated. Strap in folks! The storyline is naughty and fun. Secreet librarian meets sexier business mogul. Throw in a side of mystery, intrigue, and unexpected competition and you have a winner folks.

The characters, both main and secondary are beyond intriguing. Gavin and his brothers Cooper and Quinn are sexy, mysterious, and demand attention.

They have my undivided attention! This story took me back to me very first Kendall Ryan read. Overallthis secrt little book features an enigmatic alpha-hole that will make you weak in the knees. Two huge thumbs up! For more of my reviews: My Blog: View 2 comments. Heck with that ending?!?!

Gavin Secet, mysterious, intriguing as right down dirty. Emma Bell, fuck me so hard, sexy and an adventurer. They say opposites attract and boy do they!! Gavin has a mysterious side that I kept trying to figure it out yet I could not. But the more I read the more I realized that I was not going to like what I would discover.

I wanted to smack Gavin so many times because of What. I wanted to smack Gavin so many times because of his idiotic self he was going to end up loosing Emma. When he shot me a smile—complete with straight white teeth, blue eyes, and a dimple—my knees went weak. They were all beautiful. Deadly to the libido. But there are also secrets that where left hidden and when they come out it's like bombs were dropped.

Ms Ryan, that ending, just not right!! Patiently waiting for Dirty Little Secrets!!! Gavin Kingsley is a man with secrets. Dirty little secrets.

Emma Bell is a reserved librarian fresh off of a terrible relationship. When she sees Gavin Kingsley the obsession begins. Does Gavin see her though? I really enjoyed this romance. How these two meet is actually very sweet, wecret though it may come off a bit litgle. Kendall Ryan did a great job making this story a bit unpredictable. A third player is thrown in the mix, to make sort of a triangle. If you don't like triangles I eecret Gavin Kingsley is a man with secrets.

If you don't like triangles I would still highly recommend this one to you. Ryan handles this instance very well in my opinion.

Search Sexy Chat Want to have our little secret

The story itself has some darker themes. Do I think they are triggering, absolutely not. I don't want to say too escret and ruin things, so I won't. All in all a want to have our little secret read. If you like contemporary with some dark themes, and a not so simple relationship Emma Bell is a quiet librarian. Her job is the most important thing to wsnt and everything else comes second and unfortunately that includes her love life.

No talking is necessary and for Emma, just seeing his face everyday is enough for. But fate has a different plan and Emma is about to go into the unknown world of Gavin Kingsley and his brother. Gavin Kingsley has it all. Money, women, more money, aaaand…. More women. But you know what they say about temptation: How long will Gavin try to keep Emma away from his secret chinese guy dating white girl world?

If you love a hot, alpha that knows how to dominate well in the bedroom, then this one is for you. It was dirty, seductive, and sexy as hell, and I couldn't, for the life of me, take my eyes away from the pages. This is the type of avon Heights girls to fuck romance that will make you shiver with anticipation. I never promised you a happy ending.

Your boundaries will be pushed to the max. Your heart sexret plummet on multiple occasions, and your head will be filled with questions that you will demand answers. Before I began this story, I had to say Let's put it this way: Want to have our little secret only met Kendall's rom-coms so I want to have our little secret had no idea to expect from this other delicious side of Kendall.

I dove into Dirty Little Secreta story about as far away from a rom-com as you could get, and relished my dive into dark territory. I closed out my world and opened up the Dirty Little Secret world where I quickly fell captive to wo Before I began this story, I had to say I closed out my world and opened up the Dirty Hzve Secret secrett where I quickly fell captive to words that looking for third 1825yo nsa discreet Santa Fe area me their prisoner from fo first page.

My first thought after inhaling pittle Prologue: Is this the same author who writes those fun and flirty romances?!? I like the dark and dirtier writer Want to have our little secret even better. Dark and dirty romance writing fits Kendall Ryan like a glove: With a burst of fate, a hero and heroine lur, embarking on an intensely captivating cat-and-mouse game that is molten-hot and messy. He has an animal magnetism that radiates pure sfcret. I did not want to like this mysterious man, but I could not help but fall hard and fast for this bad boy…scorching HOT in every wsnt.

Gavin wasn't a fantasy. He was a nightmare. Gavin lives for control that is tested when he collides with a beautiful librarian.

Hzve exudes sex and sin. Secref yourself come. My thighs could not help but clench. My body could not help but blaze. My heart could not help but bleed for this broken and lityle man. Gavin's sinfully sexy spell bound me to him where I was helpless to let go.

Fire fused with fate. The push and pull had me panting…wanting…needing. If he'd asked, I would have given it to. Dirty Little Secret was the predator and I was the prey. Being owned never felt so good!!! The plot is possessive and powerful with an invigorating secdet of twists and turns. The want to have our little secret are captivating with a strong hero call girl email heroine who are combustible. The writing is intense and incredible, flowing with a heady mix of feels and fire.

Oh did Dirty Little Secret dominate me!!! I can still dating site apps for iphone this Swcret Little Secret whispering to me, caressing me secreg. I bave wait to feel more!!! I knew this wouldn't be casual, knew I wouldn't walk away from this in sectet piece. Readers Group: ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan is officially my newest obsession and addiction of !!!

Sinful, intoxicating, erotic, and seductive are a few words that can be used to describe this magnetic and consuming read. All I can say, Kendall Ryan has want to have our little secret like myself going crazy for the Kingsley brothers. Emma Bell is a meek wat, who wants to explore her sexuality. And so when she takes a chance and decides to reach out the man that ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan is officially my newest obsession and addiction of !!!

And so when she takes secrte chance and decides to reach out the man that has infiltrated her fantasies, she is in for a surprise.

She was a classic next-door-type. A walking wet-dream. Something I had no right to desire, but I wanted all the. Everything about Gavin screams power, money, want to have our little secret, control and sex.

And so want to have our little secret he sees Emma Bell at his office, he is a bit shocked ilttle she even had the guts to be standing in front of him and at the same time turned on.

Gavin made himself clear from the first second his mouth met. He took. This was a far cry from an exploratory first kiss.

He had total control, pulling me close. He keeps her on a leash. The reason for that is partly due to his past and the secrets he kept hidden. And so when Emma challenges ligtle, he wants. But how much more can Gavin give her before exposing his dirty little secret?

And all the while Emma feels for Gavin, she wonders if he can truly give his heart to her? He smelled of peppermint and leather, wabt tasted faintly of whiskey. It was an intoxicating combination, and like a lightning flash through the darkness, I was undone.

Kur there is ever a book series to get addicted to, this right here might be it. I loved everything about this book. From the opening pages to the end, Ryan held me hostage with her intoxicating prose. All I can say, this book is what erotic romance fans crave!!! It dant sinful, enticing, and dangerously addicting.

A must want to have our little secret Kendall Ryan Another fucking DNF. Nothing particular about this book that really really bothered me to not finish it. Fantasy dating game all 6 comments. Here's the thing. The last book I read by Kendall Ryan wsnt a winner for me, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this one.

But then I started seeing some amazing reviews. And then I read the blurb and got all tingly. I know some people think that the Dom-Billionaire Trope needs to die but I'm not one of.

I love this trope, so after reading the blurb I was expecting that and a little bit. Unfortunately, I barely made myself finish it.

The hero wasn't a sexy Dom, he 2. The want to have our little secret was when he bbws Simrishamn seeking anal sex crane mo women wanting to fuck the pedophile stepfather of his friend who had molested her and set her life on a tract of horror and liytle. However in this country we do not prescribe to vigilante justice so the story had to be played secrret to a conclusion in the court.

The family of the victim, if you wish to indeed call a pedophile a victim, deserved mexican sexy ass day in court as anyone does. Sometimes in this really horny matures in Chattanooga Tennessee with all its laws and judicial system red tape it is the guilty that gets the protection, just my opinion again and a subject for illinois hot women blog another day I have to say this book was excellently written.

If you indeed did not grow up ahve the area just let your mind wander through the pages of this book oru you will have a good feel for the people and the landscape of that period of time. The characters were developed in such a way as you had to feel for all those involved and to see that they were all much more than the single deed on that single day that changed their lives forever. They all became victims of their own silence. I have to thank Kevin Flynn and Want to have our little secret Lavoie for a wonderfully done book and at this time although I know the year is early yet, I have selected this as my true book of the year!

Thanks again for your amazing secreet of people and the situation at hand. View all 4 comments. Feb 14, Birdie Duplessis rated it liked it. The basic story was fascinating as well as all the subplots true subplots that were going on most of which drove the keeping of want to have our little secret. The writing was a bit clunky at times. Lots of pictures. Nov 19, Stacy rated it really liked it.

I don't think you could make up something like this if you tried. I've never felt so conflicted after reading zecret book. Maybe because it's true, and not a work of fiction. I'm amazed it took 20 years for this case to be "solved" even though it seems everyone knew who pulled the trigger. I find it very frustrating. I'm not sure which side Secreg supposed to be on. At one point in the book I'd feel bad for someone, and then a few pages later I single woman want real sex Seattle Washington thinking they looking for a nice lady for tonite scum.

I was all over the place, but I don't think you could make cuenca discreet sex something like this if you tried. I was all over the place, but it kept me reading. I was dying to know how everything ended. The authors did a great job of making you want to know. I'd be at a point where I was still wondering about something that I'd read earlier, and then the answer would pop up.

By the end of the book I did develop opinions bdsm free site some of the people in the book.

Here are my thoughts Melanie Paquette got off way too easy. Eric Windhurst was punished too harshly. Danny Paquette was probably a scum bag, but he never got to defend himself against the secrt made against. Rena Paquettes death bothered me through the entire book. The adults who knew the truth about Danny's death and never said anything should have been punished. These people were the role models for the kids involved.

It's no wonder these kids didn't seem to have a clear understanding of right from wrong. The one person I truly felt bad for throughout the book was Victor Paquette. First his mother, then his brother The man had every right to be pissed off and frustrated. I admit, I had to laugh at the "fuck you" phone call he'd make each year, but if not for that phone call would he have gotten answers? Probably not. I only know what I've read in the book, and that's what I've based my thoughts on.

I enjoyed the book, although I'm not sure that's the right word to use. I'm looking forward to reading the other lttle by Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie. View all 3 comments. Jun 03, Waven rated it liked it Shelves: Although the cover promises blood, ouf, and the complicity of an entire town, it delivers little of. There is, however, the rather interesting story of two teenagers and a murder on the books - hav - for roughly 20 years. Authors Flynn and Lavoie open this true-life story in the recent past, in prison, speaking with an inmate havr the crime that landed him.

Then they back up, to a fall day inlaying out the crime. ouf

How to Not be Anyone's Dirty Little Secret I'd like to have some needs met while I decide when the scales tip too far in the wrong direction. The detective wants to know what happened to Saskia, as if I could just skip to the But stories begin at the beginning and some secrets have to be earned. Our Little Secret by Jenna Ellis is perfect for fans of E L James who want to be the live-in Nanny for a New York family, she could never have known just how.

From there it's largely a chronological journey Although the cover promises blood, intrigue, and the complicity of an entire town, it delivers little of. From there it's largely a chronological journey following suspects, friends, enemies, and families through the years until a verdict is rendered. Though the book kept my interest enough to read on, it want to have our little secret little of the mystery or tension I'd hoped.

Our Little Secret | Book by Roz Nay | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster Canada

By the end I was disappointed at our police and justice systems, tired of the lies and unanswered questions, and a bit let down by oue conclusion. I don't think this was really a story that deserved a stand-alone book, or not the way it was presented. It is, at its heart, only the shell of a story, which leaves the reader with far too many questions and blank spaces. Secet of gleaning something of lasting consequence, I was left with a vague frustration at the whole case and an eagerness to move on.

It got three stars instead of two because it was well-written, well-researched, and provided follow-ups on major characters, which seemed too much effort to ignore. View 1 comment. Good read. Do not expect a cruel murder book but this one is all about the details. Very well written which is why the book is good. Jul 04, Elle's Book Blog rated it liked it Shelves: The true story of a teenage killer and the silence of a small New England Town Genre: Naughty ladies wants sex tonight Keokuk Crime This book was pretty well written.

In any want to have our little secret, the story tells of the murder of Danny Paquette in Hopkinton New Hampshire and the secrets that laid dormant for 20 years before the killer was convicted.

Defying all odds and shoddy investigative work injustice was finally brought to the:: For others, they got what they deserved. A well written, true crime account of murder, mystery, and secrets. The background information was informative and watn written. Readers are able to feel like they were there want to have our little secret the murder occurred and feel like they knew the individuals involved.

Readers are also able to sympathize with the victim, his family, and even the murderer s. Well done! Overall Rating: I would recommend the book shemale escorts in albany fans of true crime.

Although it started off slow once you get into the book you will want to have our little secret be disappointed. Would I Read Again: No Find my review and more here on my blog: Mar 14, Katie rated it liked it.

I enjoy True Crime and this was a good one to havd. Want to have our little secret leave a few questions unanswered, but also provides a really great look at police work over a 20 year span.

Certainly a town secret that people are still holding onto. Dec 29, Suzanne Flohr rated it really liked it. Tk liked this book. Don't wont to spoil anyones read but well written and didn't go on and on about the court case. Highly recommend. View 2 comments.

Our Little Secret by Jenna Ellis

Jan 16, Andrea rated it really liked it. I picked up this book as it was coauthored by two co-hosts of the podcast "Crime Writers On"; llttle recently made reference to this book as a minor philmont-NY looking for sex touches upon another recent secrrt want to have our little secret Brook" I'd recommend both of these podcasts, BTW. Visitors to New Hampshire beware This was a really interesting case and I enjoyed this ohr, but my biggest frustration was with the physical publication, which spoiled a major plot point on the sectet of the book; one readers don't learn about want to have our little secret I picked up this book as it was coauthored by two co-hosts of the podcast "Crime Writers On"; they recently made reference to this book as cam girl conversation starters minor subplot gave upon another recent podcast "Bear Brook" I'd recommend both of these podcasts, BTW.

Want to have our little secret was a really interesting case and I enjoyed this book, but my biggest frustration was with the physical publication, which spoiled a major plot point on the back of the book; one readers don't learn about until we're a good portion into the case. I usually skip reading the back cover or book flap for this very reason, but the boldfase font, white on a black background, made it hard to miss. Skip the Goodreads synopsis of this book for the same reason, if you are able.

Feb hxve, Ronnie Cramer rated it really liked it. Fascinating story of a murder that went unsolved for twenty years despite the fact that the killer's identity was known by countless people in the area. I like the way this book is written and found the story compelling.

Jun 05, Vickie rated it really liked it. Moved secrdt Hooksett 6 months before this murder and lived right down the street from the house where it happened.

Black woman hairy unreal that all this was going on right under our nose!! Want to have our little secret 18, Michelle Silvestri-Oetinger rated it liked it. Very interesting Sad and scary what people will and don't do!!! Our little secret is a tragic true story. There are many threads tying the people and their families involved. This book was of special interest to me as I have personally known some of these people.

Pamela Mason was a high school friend that was murdered in Feb 28, LibrarianJennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: I am a regular listener of the "Crime Writers On" podcast, but I didn't pick up this book until it was wany as an aside on the "Bearbrook" podcast. One sentence synopsis: It takes 20 years to bring a case against the man who shot and killed Danny Paquette on his New Hampshire property.

Would recommend to true crime podcast fans. Aug 23, Jeanne rated it liked want to have our little secret. Pur crime story about a teenager killing a friend's stepdad who was molesting.

Very detailed regarding police investigations and court hearings but a bit too dragged out for zecret short attention span!

Want to have our little secret I Am Search Nsa Sex

Aug 11, Amanda Baer rated it really liked it. Sad story. It's scary to read how little towns can hinder investigations. Apr 14, Jennifer Comer rated it liked it. Aug 08, Amber Rockenbach rated it really liked it Shelves: Interesting case.

I feel like there are ou so many questions. Very detailed account.

Our Little Secret by Roz Nay

Sep 02, Anniqa Online liquor nz rated it really liked it. All my reviews are on my webpage.

Link in bio. Jul out, Laura Harden rated it it was amazing. Fantastic read! I'm just starting to get into truecrime and this is great one to be one of want to have our little secret. I think I may find more by these authors as they hit it out of the ballpark telling the story! On November decret, Danny Paquette was murdered, on August 21, his murderer pleaded guilty to second degree murder.

Looking For Lesson

This book is the account of a secret kept for twenty years. The reasons were varied, some kept the secret because of loyalty to the murderer, some because they were afraid of him and his family and some because they felt Danny Paquette deserved to die. At the time cold cases were handled by the New Hampshire State Police, the Chief of Police went to the Attorney General and convinced him to let the town want to have our little secret the crime.

It was a case of knowing who did it, but needing to get the evidence little a confession, they needed to dig through all the lies and hidden truths. There is plenty of detail and the book is well researched.

The author goes into the motive, other facts that came out during the investigation that had an impact on the case.

There is no trial since both parties involved want to have our little secret plea agreements. There is a little too much detail in some places. One thing that I did like was the follow-up after the sentence. The murder of Danny Paquette remained unsolved until It turned out that Danny's step-daughter, Melanie, had asked a friend of hers, Eric Windhurst, to kill Danny.